2016 Light is the brush, night is the canvas, Helsinki, FINLAND
2016 Kalle Ylitalo & The Mystics concert with live light painting, Helsinki, Finland
2014 Night of the arts, live light painting show, Hämeenlinna, Finland
2013 Valoa Oulu! light festival, live light painting show, Oulu, Finland
2013 Valon Vuodenaika light festival, real time light painting show, Helsinki, Finland
2012 Uuden vuoden valotulitus, interactive light art installation , Helsinki, Finland
2012 URBE – Rigenerazione Urbana street art festival, Torino, Italy
2012 BeHave confrence, visual content, Helsinki, Finland
2012 Night of the lights, live light painting show, Hamina, Finland
2012 Media Facades Festival (August 2012), Helsinki, Finland
2012 Helsinki World Design Capital, light painting workshop, Annantalo Finland
2012 Etkot, Kiasma museum of contemporary art, Helsinki, Finland
2012 Lux Helsinki, Finland
2011 Helsinki-day 2011 light art portraits, St. Petersburgh
2011 Valon Vuodenaika, Helsinki, Finland
2011 Reikäreuna short film festival, Orivesi, Finland
2011 Finland House, St. Petersburgh, Russia
2011 Valon Vuodenaika, Helsinki, Finland


2016 Light is the brush, darkness is the canvas, Kellohalli, Helsinki, Finland
2015 Unesco Year of Light, Unesco Headquarters, Paris, France
2015 Om’Pu gallery, Helsinki, Finland
2015 LPWA Special Event, Koblenz, Germany
2014 Light Painting World Alliance exhibition in Paris, France, 2015
2014 Light Painting World Alliance exhibition in Hong Kong, China
2014 Light Painting World Alliance exhibition in Oviedo, Spain
2012 LPWA World Exhibition, Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia
2012 URBE Rigenerazione Urbana, Torino, Italy
2010 Floydfest, Virginia, USA
2010 Exhibition in Linnanmäki Valokarnevaali 2010 – The Carnival Of Light, Finland


2017 Discovery Channel, documentary of Hannu Huhtamo
2017 CNN’s Great Big Story, documentary of Hannu Huhtamo
2015 “Night photography and light painting “ book by Lance Keimig
2015 YLE TV1 finnish national channel, interview, Finland
2015 Adobe, real time light painting
2014 Photographyweek web magazine, USA
2013 YLE TV Neo, interview, Finland
2013 Von Hertzen Brothers, Flowers and rust music video, light art, Finland 2012 Interview in Societe Perrier web magazine, USA
2012 Foto & Video / nro. 2, Russia
2012 I Want You Magazine / Issue 7, USA
2011 FOTOX1000 II Edition – Futurespectives exhibition, Italy
2010 Kamera-lehti, Finland / nro. 12/2012 2010 I Want You /Issue 3, USA
2010 I Want You Magazine / Issue 3, USA