Hannu Huhtamo Photography

How? About light painting.

Darkness is the canvas and light is my brush.

All of my works are made with a photographic technique called "light painting" aka "light drawing". It's based on long exposure times that vary from a few seconds to hours. While the cameras shutter is open you are able to draw in the air by moving different kinds of light sources in front of the camera. Light painting requires a dark environment and it's usually made at night. Darkness is the canvas and light is my brush.

That’s where the magic is.

Like many others, I get my best kicks from the nature. By contrast I also use a lot of urban landscapes and places in my work. For example ugly ruins of a house look much more beautiful and interesting after some light treatment. I keep my pictures as natural as it’s possible. No post editing, manipulation or digital effects (Photoshop etc.) are used. I think that’s where the magic is, at least for me.

Who? Contact info.

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Hannu Huhtamo

Helsinki, Finland


Skype: hhphotography

With whom? Friends, associates and resources.

I’m powered by Led Lenser®. They are a worldwide leader of LED light manufacturing. Best light tools with professional quality.

I’m also a member of light art collective "Valopaja" ("Light workshop”). We do live light painting shows and arrange light painting workshops for kids, seniors and disabled people.

LPWA organizes international exhibitions for light painters and makes this art form more widely known. I’m a member of the LPWA board.

Best place to get custom made tools for light painting and long exposure photography.

Where? Media and other publications.

Interviews, exhibitions, performances & publications